Twitter Etiquette; How Often You Should Engage With People

At first, when you step into the Twitter world, you will have to learn some basics. Simply, you need to figure out how to behave, and to understand the culture around. There are certain things you will learn, that will help you to evaluate how often you should engage with people on this social media network. According to Jeff Bullas you should not exaggerate, but you should not be too passive either. Being somewhere in the in the middle, and balancing would probably be the best possible option.



One of the main questions people do have is: That person follows me, should I follow back? Be aware that on Twitter, there are many kinds of accounts, including the Twitter bots. Before you click on Follow, check the account and see if the person you are considering following back, has a profile picture, some information listed, tweets, etc. If the answer is yes, then you should follow that person. Also there are limits to how many people you can follower / how many followers you have. Getting more twitter followers helps with being able to follow more people. When following others, you are showing your social side, which is without a doubt a good thing.


How Often Should You Retweet?

This depends. If you like a certain tweet, then you should share it, even if the topic is not connected to your business. If you talk only about yourself, you may become boring to other people. Of course, you should be focused on your business, but from time to time, show some interest in other people’s posts. It’s not a bad thing.


What to Do If Your Tweets are Reposting

If you noticed that people retweeting what you shared, it is always a great thing. That means people consider you original and are interested enough to share your messages. Keep in mind that being polite and nice can only bring you good, so find time to thank that person. You have two options, the first one is the simplest, and it is to just click on “favorite” when they retweet. The other option is to send a direct message to that person. However, be careful here. Don’t ask that person to see your other stuff and content you shared. Simply, thank them for the retweet – it is enough. When you pressure others doing something, it will often produce just the opposite effect. They will probably ignore what you said.  Sometimes, it is the best to keep things simple: click on “favorite”, or say thank you.


Should You Always Answer Others?

People who follow you will probably mention you in their tweets, or they will reply to the messages you posted. Answering them is really great, but being able to do it depends on your follower base. If you have thousands of people who are mentioning you, or replying to your tweets, it would be impossible. At least at the beginning, while your base of followers is not that huge, try to answer as many as you can. People like that. Once your base becomes bigger, find time to answer at least a few of them.


After some time, you will figure out how often you should engage with people. As mentioned, you will learn certain things along the way, and at some point you will find the right recipe.

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